Friday, June 4, 2010

New Chapter in Process

Okay, so I like process. A lot of my work is a long and involved process and I am going to start sharing it more here.
I am currently working on 2 pieces.
One piece is a very involved banner for my guild and my portfolio. (I play Warcraft and I am in a great guild, and am the main raid healer and guild artist, if there is such a thing, lol.) It wouldn't have to be as involved as I am making it, but I saw an opportunity to take a single project and use it to inspire several projects. Though it is just a little banner, I am going to make an illustration of each of the races of the Horde in a group: orc, tauren, blood elf, troll, and undead inspired by actual characters in the guild; each of these characters will be their own project, and the finished product will essentially be a collage of all five. If this is confusing, just stay tuned, and you'll see what I mean. The guild is called Group Three, so I designed a 3 that also looks like the classic Horde symbol and am "etching" it into the axe. Here is the sketch for the main character, the orc with the axe.

I draw with pencil and then I scan the pencil drawing. Then I "ink" it in Photoshop. This is where it stands after a day of work.

The second project I'm working on actually evolved from a Photoshop contest. The theme for the contest was "unconventional shoes". I got an idea to make bird shoes, literally. I started out with the usual chop way of going about it, but then I ended up dropping the chop (I use the word "chop" meaning collaging several source images together to create one image in Photoshop) and took it on as a personal project without a Friday deadline. (The Photoshop contests I participate in generally end on Fridays.)
Here is the original drawing.

Here is where it stands after a few days of working in Photoshop.

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Vincent Eaton said...

Good, glad to hear (and see) you plan to share more. I enjoy what I see and will patiently await the next bits... ;--}