Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Secret City

This is an entry I made for a Photoshop contest, it won first place out of 14. Unfortunately, I can't really post process or stages or whatnot while I'm working on contest entries because the contests are supposed to be anonymous until finished. You can see the entry, the source files, and the step-by-step here.
So anyhow, this is the picture before I "chopped" it:

and this is the picture afterwards:

Fun stuff.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Orc in Progress

I mostly worked on the orc today. He's coming along. My hand aches a little.

New Chapter in Process

Okay, so I like process. A lot of my work is a long and involved process and I am going to start sharing it more here.
I am currently working on 2 pieces.
One piece is a very involved banner for my guild and my portfolio. (I play Warcraft and I am in a great guild, and am the main raid healer and guild artist, if there is such a thing, lol.) It wouldn't have to be as involved as I am making it, but I saw an opportunity to take a single project and use it to inspire several projects. Though it is just a little banner, I am going to make an illustration of each of the races of the Horde in a group: orc, tauren, blood elf, troll, and undead inspired by actual characters in the guild; each of these characters will be their own project, and the finished product will essentially be a collage of all five. If this is confusing, just stay tuned, and you'll see what I mean. The guild is called Group Three, so I designed a 3 that also looks like the classic Horde symbol and am "etching" it into the axe. Here is the sketch for the main character, the orc with the axe.

I draw with pencil and then I scan the pencil drawing. Then I "ink" it in Photoshop. This is where it stands after a day of work.

The second project I'm working on actually evolved from a Photoshop contest. The theme for the contest was "unconventional shoes". I got an idea to make bird shoes, literally. I started out with the usual chop way of going about it, but then I ended up dropping the chop (I use the word "chop" meaning collaging several source images together to create one image in Photoshop) and took it on as a personal project without a Friday deadline. (The Photoshop contests I participate in generally end on Fridays.)
Here is the original drawing.

Here is where it stands after a few days of working in Photoshop.