Wednesday, December 3, 2008


After about 8 weeks of doing and redoing this poster, I am finally able to retire it as you see here.
The requirements were:
use specific given text (you don't have to use all of the words, but you may not use outside words or symbols)
black and white
no imagery, all text
one font (up to 3 weights and about 2-5 sizes)
No hand drawn or cut text
all hand made (That's right, tape, scissors, white out, glue, and a photocopy machine. You print the basic text from the computer, but you do all the kerning, setting, layout, enlarging, reducing, everything... by hand)

This was the first poster in my Visual Impact class with Mike Coyne. It's gone through about 7 updates. With every update, I had to print the poster in its true 24 inch by 36 inch glory. (It's a very expensive class.)

First attempt:

Seventh and final:

You may be wondering what was wrong with the first one or how did I go from the first one to the last one. Well, after seven tries with the same poster I have acquired a very intimate relationship with Sniggles. I am at the point where I can sit here and talk about all the "nonos" in the first one:
Big circle in the middle
stuff sitting in the corners
no personality
looks llike a book cover, not a dog poster
floating island of text (we lost him.)
boring text

The final one is much more dynamic and has personality and individuality. The text and layout is interesting and the eye can move easily round the page, etc., etc.

Every week is a serious critique, with each new attempt getting drawn on, folded, chastised, and sent back to the drawing room for a better rendition. You really get good practice at looking at your work objectively, or at least building a tough skin as an artist.
Hopefully I can find the other first attempts for my future posters that I'll share the beginning and end products... but only when they get their final "yes".

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Anonymous said...

You're so lucky to be getting that training. I find it so hard to see those problems in my own work! I actually like both of them but can see why the bottom is much more vibrant and interesting.