Monday, December 1, 2008

Fun with home made ballistics gel.

So, I'm in a class where I have to construct a word and photograph it once a week. Last week's word was "liquid".
So, I decided I wanted to make the word out of clear Jell-O. Well, that doesn't exist... and it would probably fall apart if I really tried to have my way with it. So, I used the wonderful tool konwn as the internet to find a solution to my quandary and found a recipe for home made balistics gel.
I went to the store and got my box o Knox, a packet o pectin, and a turkey roasting pan. I made a couple of gallons of a cross between ballistics gel and Knox blocks and ta da! Liquid.

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janabouc said...

I love the name of the blog. Don't feel pressured to post every day (I've been there and know it can make you crazy.) I'll add a link to it on my blog when you've got a few more posts up. Great jello story and photos.