Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here's the second poster that was assigned in my Visual Impact class. Let's make boxing madness!

First attempt:

Seventh and final attempt:

The requirements were:
use specific given text (you don't have to use all of the words, but you may not use outside words or symbols)
black and white
no imagery, all text
up to 3 fonts (up to 3 weights and about 2-5 sizes)woohoo! more fonts to use!
No hand drawn or cut text
all hand made (That's right, tape, scissors, white out, glue, and a photocopy machine. You print the basic text from the computer, but you do all the kerning, setting, layout, enlarging, reducing, everything... by hand)
Mostly same as before, but with the ability to use more fonts.

Oh, and I hadn't mentioned that in the beginning of the class we were given a limited number of fonts that we could use throughout the class...a total of about 15 fonts only, to choose from. We were also given the option of using fonts that were in "The Art Director's Annual", but since this is another thing to buy, I opted for getting creative with the fonts I was given.

(Sigh of relief) another poster retired.

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